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Stacked & Expanding Wilds: What They Are & How To Get Them

Playing Gaminator slots or other games from Novomatic? If you’re like the rest of the world, you’re looking for the biggest paydays from the smallest number of spins. If you can find a slot game with stacked wilds and expanding wilds, you can quickly hit some huge combos that wouldn’t be possible on an ordinary slot machine.


Here’s how Stacked Wilds work in Gaminator Games

gaminatorStacked wilds are rows or columns of wildcard blocks. Usually, they’re 3 to 4 blocks across or up/down. They show up randomly after some spins (lots of online casinos just use a random number generator to determine when), so in order to take advantage of them, all you have to do is play a game that includes them. The inclusion of stacked wilds in a slot game can make you go from a bad spin to a jackpot spin in just a few seconds. Because of the enormous amount of space that each one covers, you have the opportunity to hit on the big prizes, even if your first spin looked like nothing. It’s why they’re so popular both online and in real casinos – you get more prizes, and the rush of seeing a stacked wild come down is unmatched.


Stacked wilds sound pretty good, no? Expanding wilds are even better.

When you hit an expanding wild, you get the row or column of wild blocks… and then that already-large column expands even more either side to side or up and down. So if you were that close with your stacked wild, you might hit it if the stacked wild expands. It’s easy to notice when either a stacked wild or expanding wild hits. A stacked wild will usually freeze your screen (so that you pay attention to it) and be accompanied with bells, music, etc. An expanding wild is the same way… except the bells, music, and other audio accompaniments will be even louder. It’s a thrill to get one – slot machine makers do a good job of getting you excited for the potentially massive prizes that you can receive when either one of them lands.


How to play for a stacked wild

Unfortunately, there aren’t any special tricks to increase the number of stacked or expanding wilds in your deck. Most casinos base them on random number generators – as in, over all of the user base, for every X spins, produce Y number of stacked wilds and Z number of expanding wilds. This can work in your favor, though. Most of the time, you’ll get your expanding and stacked spins spaced out evenly, but every so often, you’ll get multiple right in a row. When this happens, it’s easy to turn a losing streak into a winning streak where you win some of the biggest jackpots that the machine has to offer.

So here’s what you do: get on an expanding wild slot machine and spin your heart out. Eventually, you’ll get lucky and notice the board become flooded with wild blocks – cross your fingers and you might just end up hitting it big.

Original Novomatic Gaminator Games

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